Learning Korean

I’ve been learning Korean very, very slowly over the past few years. I learned Hangul years back when I first started watching Korean dramas. That was the easiest part of learning Korean. Recognizing the characters and learning to write only took about one hour. I built up my reading by frequently reading Korean webtoons or Korean children’s books. Grammar and sentence structuring was and is the hardest part. I don’t even like grammar in English. And of course, building up my vocabulary is something I need to work on.

After living in Korea for a year I can make some general small talk. With my Korean friends and a couple of the Korean teachers at my schools, we can hold a small conversation although I listen more than I talk. I can understand much more than I can speak which I think is common with language learners anyway.

I was hoping to take the TOPIK test at the end of summer, but as I missed the deadline to sign up for some practice classes and there’s a possibility the test will be cancelled anyway because of the Coronavirus, I’m thinking I might as well just move taking the test to next year.

So, I think it would be good to update on here my slow process of learning more Korean, how I study, what resources I use and update my progress. If anyone stumbles on this blog, hopefully my methods and maybe seeing how I progress might motivate one person to continue with their studies!

(I’ve also started learning Spanish. So, maybe possibly I’ll do some posts on that as well if I get to an okay-ish starting level.)