In Busan: Songdo Beach

There are five main beaches in Busan (Haeundae, Songjeong, Songdo, Dadaepo and Gwangalli) and before December, I had visited 4 of them. Songdo Beach had been on my list for awhile but for some reason I never went. Although beaches are really the same anywhere you go, I really wanted to take the cable car in Songdo.

I got one of my friends to join me on a Sunday one cold winter day. (I actually remember it being somewhat warmer than usual that day). I took the train to Nampo where I met my friend and from there we got on a bus to Songdo. It was easy enough and the bus ride is actually a short one. I didn’t know the beach was so close to Nampo.

Anyway, the moment we got there and stepped onto the beach, I got really excited. There were few people on the actual beach and it was so nice. I got to take a photo by the huge Songdo Beach sign and everything. We could see the cable car above us and it was actually pretty long. We slowly walked along the beach to the other side as we were wanting to get to the cable cars. Before we got to the building we walked through the notable attractions by the water, including the turtle, the cave tunnel and more.

Tickets to the cable car weren’t too bad. If you want a little bit more adventure, you can pay more for a glass floor in your car. We’re cheap and also don’t really want that kind of thrill in our lives so we opted for the regular cable car. The ride itself was really nice. The weather was beautiful that day so we got lucky.

On the other side, there was so much to see. They had a sort of art installation meant to look like a dragon. There were a few dinosaurs for some reason that moved and made noise. It was a bit strange to have them there, but cool nonetheless. There were a good amount of kids running around so I guess they enjoyed it. There were a few paths that you could walk on so first, we walked down some steps and walked along a trail parallel to the ocean. The path took us in a circle and we ended up where we started, so we got onto another path.

This path led to a long, steep incline ramp which brought us to some sort of park. It was just a lot of trees and one lone pavilion sort of structure. The view was amazing though.

We stayed there for awhile, just taking in the scenery as the sun lowered in the sky. It was beautiful. It was one of those moments where if time stopped for a bit, it would’ve been okay.

Though this blog is titled Songdo Beach, we spent most of our time off of the actual beach. It was still a great time and I absolutely recommend going to Songdo if you’re in Busan, for the cable cars and exploring the area on the other side as well!