In Busan: Hayden Sincere

Early in January, my friend and I decided one Saturday to go to a cafe after we did our medical tests for our renewal for EPIK. Well, she was planning to go and I just invited myself along. The cafe itself is kind of nestled up in the woods in this tiny little area. I guess it’s more of a small town. The first time we went, this weekend in January, we took the longer route. No matter what though, you have to take the subway and transfer to the bus.

The subway was fine, but if you didn’t know, the bus drivers in Korea don’t care about your life. Especially on the small, blue buses and absolutely no cares on the small, green buses. Lucky for us, we were on a green bus. Heh. Pair that, with the fact that we were going up a mountain and there were probably a hundred turns on the way up, I was more than excited to step off after the 15 minutes of hell. The second time we went to the cafe, we took the “shorter” way but it was so much more life threatening than the first route. I would gladly take the first route again even though it took a longer time from where we lived.

The thing about Hayden Sincere is that it’s, I believe, the only cafe in that small town. And it stands out because of the material used for the building and just the absolute grandeur of it all. It’s huge and obviously a destination cafe. There’s a big parking lot that gets filled by 3PM.

We arrived at around 11am, which is a perfect time because it seems that people in Korea don’t truly rise on the weekends until 1pm, so we basically had the place to ourselves and a few other patrons.

The desserts they had were good, but what I fell in love with was the banana mango juice they offered. Absolutely amazing stuff and even just thinking about it now makes me happy.

It’s difficult to describe how calming being in that cafe is, especially when you pick the right spot and you’re there on a perfect day. We were lucky to get a good seat by the window on the second floor. It was cold outside, but it was sunny. So, when the sun came through the window and settled on your skin it warms you up so nicely, you forget you’re in someone else’s establishment. I know I did, as I took a short nap right on the couch we sat on.

Sitting in the cafe, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the woods, I felt content. At peace. I hadn’t felt that in a long while at the time, so that feeling washing over me was so nice. That had to be one of the best days I experienced in 2020.

Hayden actually has two locations in Busan. One in Geumjeonggu (in Geumjeongsan/Geumjeong Mountain) in the woods, which I’ve just talked about. And they also have another location in Gijang, where it sits right by the water. That location seemed to be the most popular. Since my friend and I liked the cafe a lot, we wanted to check out the one by the water. Now, I’m someone who loves the water. It makes me feel calm and I adore the beauty of it.

However, Hayden in Gijang wasn’t really my favorite place. The view was beautiful, of course, but the vibe was not the same. Maybe because it was much bigger than the first one we’d visited so it attracted way more people. Or maybe it was the building we didn’t enjoy as much. What was obvious was that the vibe was different and we weren’t too fond of it.

The food and drinks are the same in both locations (I got my favorite banana mango juice again) so that wasn’t anything to complain about. My friend and I agreed though, that the other location in the mountains was our favorite.

We missed it so much when we went to Gijang, that exactly one week later we went to the other location to enjoy it again. I highly recommend this cafe if you ever find yourself in Busan. It’s one of my favorite cafes in Busan and I’ve been to a few. It’s a great place to go to get away from the city and enjoy good drinks, good food and a great view.