Summer Day Trip: Yeosu

Last summer, I found out about my summer vacation super late so I couldn’t book any overseas trips, but I did go to two cities on my vacation (I wanted to go to more, but I got sick at the start of my vacation and also it was so hot and humid, I only found the energy for two cities.)

The first city I went to was Daejeon (which I wrote about here). The second city I went to was Yeosu. It’s only about a 2 1/2 hour bus ride from Busan so it makes the perfect day trip if you leave early enough. It’s a port city and perfect for the ocean lover in me. I left Busan at 10am and arrived in the city at around 12PM. The first place I went to was the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car which is past the famous Dolsan Bridge. Apparently it’s the first sea cable car in Korea!

The bus ride to get there was maybe a little over half an hour. It was a fairly painless travel experience since I didn’t have to transfer. The best thing about Yeosu is that unlike other smaller cities, I think the buses run on a semi-regular schedule, so I could get around without having to wait an hour for a bus or resort to spending money on a taxi. I don’t like to take taxis unless absolutely necessary (public transport is slow or infrequent) or if I’m with someone who would rather use them.

The cable cars were pretty nice. It’s too bad it was really cloudy during the time I got on because it would have been an even nicer view. It’s just another excuse to go back though.

I bought a roundtrip ticket so once I made my way back to the area where I originally started, I ran back to get the bus before it left, which was a struggle because it was way too hot.

My next stop was Yeosu Dang (여수당). This take-out cafe seemed to be a popular spot on Instagram for anyone visiting Yeosu. The ice cream looked nice so I wanted a try. I have to say, it was amazing. I don’t know if it was delicious because of the weather basically melting me to the bones, but I still dream about it sometimes.

The ice cream is made from 쑥 (mugwort). I hadn’t tasted mugwort before this. In the form of this ice cream it tasted delicious and gave me similar vibes to green tea ice cream.

After devouring my treat, I sat down by the water and just kind of took in the sights. I don’t know if I’ve said it on this blog before, but I find a lot of comfort in being by the water. Just watching the waves gives me some strength to keep on moving throughout the day.

By the water is a replica of the famous Turtle Ship. If you don’t know, Yi Sun Sin was a famous admiral and general in Korea because of his many victories against Japan and their attempts to invade Korea. One of his greatest and most revered accomplishments was his reconstruction of the turtle ship. The ships were pretty significant in the fights against the Japanese army. If you’re interested, I’m sure more research will bring better and more clear information. There’s also a Korean movie centered around Yi Sun Sin and the turtle ship called The Admiral: Roaring Currents (명량).

*If you go to Seoul, in the famous Gwanghwamun Square (광화문광장), situated in front of Gyeongbok Palace (경복궁), just some steps away from the King Sejong statue, there is a Yi Sun Sin statue along with a tiny replica of his turtle ship.

My next and last stop was the Yeosu Aquarium. It’s pretty nice, but not something I would spend money on again. I found it very expensive for what was offered, mainly because it was so small.

However, going to the aquarium allowed me to see the area where they hosted the Yeosu Expo back in 2012. Apparently after the Expo was held, Yeosu wasn’t the same as the crowds that inhabited it during that year left and never really came back.

The highlight of the area is the Big-O. I didn’t stay long enough in Yeosu to see it at night and maybe see the light show, but it was still a pretty cool thing to see. They had some people doing ziplining across the river.

Afterwards, I found a bus and took my butt back on home to Busan. I slept, and probably snored, the whole bus ride. It was a good day, and I still find myself wanting to go back sometime soon.