Hello? Is Anyone There?

Hey, been awhile, huh? Yes, I do remember I have a blog! Gosh, I’ve been so inconsistent with this little blog of mine since I first made it in 2019. However, I’m pretty confident with myself now in the year 2021 and what I want to put out into the world, so this is my pledge of starting over.

The main reason I wasn’t consistent here was because I was being inauthentic. I was writing these blog posts trying to replicate other travel bloggers, trying to be them, and hoping it would all come naturally. It didn’t.

I’m so bad at recounting my travels minute by minute and I can’t give “useful tips” for travelers. I’m learning things myself as well as using other bloggers to figure it out. I’m not a travel influencer by any means yet I was trying to be one because I thought that’s what I had to do. Since I felt like I couldn’t write like other blogs I read, I just stopped writing altogether. And so I had nothing to post. At times, I felt like I was boxing myself in to being a “travel blog” when I liked other things like reading and writing, learning languages and most recently, rollerskating. Would people like a blog that didn’t have a ‘niche’ topic which is what all the blogs say you need to be even moderately successful?

But then, I had to realize that this blog is mine and I can post whatever I want on it. It can be whatever I want it to be. Also, I highkey don’t care about being “successful” through my blog. This is supposed to be my space to come and share everything I love in this life and if someone reads it and enjoys it too, that’s absolutely fantastic. It took awhile to get here, but I’ve finally arrived.

I named my blog The One With Mo because I like and do a bunch of different things so you’re supposed to follow me as I discover different hobbies, places and enjoy new foods. Anyway, I’ve done a bit of revamping and also just decided to be more myself on here so there won’t be a specific topic this blog follows. It’s just about me and I hope someone can enjoy that.

If this is your first time reading anything on my blog or you’re a return visitor, go to my about page to learn a little more about the person behind the blog.

Look forward to my next post!