Learning to Roller Skate: Why and How It’s Going So Far

At the very end of November last year, I bought myself some roller skates. It was an extremely impulsive buy (after an hour or two of research into types of skates, best types etc) after a roller skating account I followed a few months back showed up on my instagram timeline and for some reason I decided to scroll back all the way to her first post. I saw how she majorly improved in about 6-8 months and I thought I wanted to start this too. Cue, a whole weekend of me watching nothing but roller skating tutorials and videos until my skates came to me on December 1st.

Why Roller Skating?

I don’t know. It was honestly just there. Possibly some art account could have popped up and maybe I would have wanted to buy a bunch of art supplies and start learning how to draw. It was very impulsive but I think I just needed something new in my life and roller skating was just so different from anything I’d tried before. With Corona around, regular travel wasn’t happening. It kept me in the same city with a very obvious routine and not doing anything new. I was sick of it. On top of that, the whole of November was a dark time for me. I stopped reading. I wanted to write but couldn’t get more than 100 words out of myself so I stopped that too. I really stopped almost everything I enjoyed doing. Even eating was more of a chore and I was doing it to survive, barely tasting whatever went in my mouth.

I think until I saw that roller skating account and started really watching the videos, I didn’t realize how much I was sitting back and waiting for this pandemic and situation to end. I should have been trying to make the most of my time with what I had. Which I kind of was. That’s why I went so hard into reading for a while (and I still love it). But I think I got burnt out once November started and of course, the beginning of the month was the election so that didn’t help anything.

Roller skating was just new to me. It is new to me. And I’m learning. And I’m loving it. It’s also a great reason to get me out of the house.

How It’s Going

I’m having so much fun!

I was hoping to do a “skate everyday” thing, but then halfway through December, it got extremely cold. I thought I would be able to weather through the cold, but it’s just not for me. I hate cold weather and it demotivated me a lot because I didn’t want to be outside unless I was walking home. During January, February, March and the beginning of April, I roller skated maybe about 20 times total (most of the time being in my tiny room). I think of all the improvement that could have happened if I had just stuck it out, but I would’ve probably just been miserable. I’m hoping to really take advantage of the months ahead of me to improve as much as I can since the weather is warming up.

There actually aren’t a lot of available spaces to practice. Smooth, flat surfaces are extremely hard to find here in Busan. It would be funny if I weren’t so frustrated trying to find somewhere to go. After school, I go to my roof and try to work on what I can in that small space (it’s also sloped pretty badly and has some broken glass in some areas so not ideal for a wide area skate session).

It’s one of the things I look forward to and I notice when I put on my skates, my tiredness and stress pretty much go away. Even though it’s hard and I don’t get a lot of tricks or move down as quickly as I want, I love learning. I haven’t felt that way in a long time and I’m really grateful roller skating has given that to me.

I’m such a newbie. Not everything I do is amazing of course, but I’m doing my best to learn. I already see a ton of improvement compared to where I was on my first day when it took me 30 minutes just to learn how to go forward. If you have any rollerskate questions, I’ll try my best to answer them or point you to a resource that will help answer them.